Aging And Anti Antioxidants: Turning Back The Clock

There are many strategies on aging and anti antioxidants that have been formulated to prevent aging using anti antioxidants and often all that is required is to take a pill and hope one becomes muscle-bound and brimming with youthful vigor, once again. While this may sound to be too good to be true there is also another aspect to it that concerns aging and anti antioxidants and that is that such methods would quickly empty the pocket and it may also result in harming the body by using unproven products.

As it is, scientists have not as yet been able to fully comprehend aging and anti antioxidants leave alone what the aging process is really and so finding a magic pill is certainly beyond the horizon in the near future anyway.

The Effect Of Continuous Free Radical Actions Is Faster Aging

When a person consumes food and the food is processed for energy, the body will manufacture free radicals that will contribute to the aging process as well as cause other diseases. Antioxidants are used to neutralize these free radicals with the help of certain vitamins, minerals as well as enzymes that are contained in the food one eats. One simple yet effective method of consuming food rich in antioxidants is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. This is a simple yet effective strategy of using antioxidants to prevent aging. According to research, not everyone will age at the same rate and there are many theories that abound concerning aging and anti antioxidants though two are commonly accepted and these are oxidation reactions and sub-optimal hormone levels.

Oxidation may be compared with what happens in the case of iron becoming oxidized; rust is what happens and this “rust” or aging is what happens to humans when oxidation occurs in the form of free radicals that are the root cause of damaging nearby cells and over a period of time this free radical damage builds up in the body and causes a person to age. Aging and anti antioxidant can complement one another if one takes plenty of antioxidants to counteract and limit the damage caused by free radicals and this may be achieved by having a good and healthy diet along with supplements, if required. Since the human life span is only a reflection of the level of free radical oxidative damage, antioxidant use would help reduce rapid aging and thus cells will be able to survive properly and aging will have been arrested.