Antioxidant Dietary Supplement: A Freely Used Catch Phrase

Antioxidant dietary supplement is a catch phrase that is used freely without any real clear meaning and may often be thought of as being a cancer fighter even though it must be admitted that it does indeed prove useful in treating cancer, especially in the elderly. It is believed that between the years 1997 and 2001 there were many new cases of cancer diagnosed and these are believed to be about 470 per 100,000 people.

Such figures have resulted in many people deciding to use antioxidant dietary supplements even though they may not be fully aware about how the antioxidant dietary supplements work or know what they do. The main villains that need to be eliminated by antioxidants are the free radicals which damage human cells and are produced by viruses, solar radiation, pollutants as well as normal cell processes. Time will only tell whether the American public achieves success in its fight against free radicals and cancer in particular, using antioxidant dietary supplements.

Health Benefits And Down Sides Of Antioxidant Dietary Supplement

Oxygen is essential in sustaining life-forms but when it reacts with compounds it may prove to be detrimental to health and may give rise to free radicals which are a result of oxygen molecules that get converted into oxidizing agents during the process of converting food into energy. The best way of covering all bets in the fight against free radicals is to use antioxidant dietary supplements to supplement other antioxidants and there are a number of such supplements that have been developed to blend with antioxidants. One may even gain knowledge about how ordinary supplements from the local health food store can be converted into super anabolic compounds.

However, all is not hunky dory as far as antioxidant dietary supplements are concerned as the pills, powders and liquids that half of all Americans are consuming in order to feel better, have a mixed message. Every story that elucidates the benefits of taking antioxidant dietary supplements may also have a corresponding negative report and there may be dangers associated with their continued use. Nevertheless, antioxidant dietary supplements are rich in vitamin E as well as in minerals and enzymes that help the body cope with free radicals and optimize the health of the user as well as play a part in extending their lifespan. Also, many antioxidant dietary supplements contain synthetic vitamins such as vitamins A and D which results in toxicity of such synthetic forms that gives rise to negative publicity about the dangers of using such substances.