Surprisingly, Coffee Is a Leading Antioxidant Drink

There are many types of antioxidant drinks such as coffee, green tea, herbal tea, herbal health drinks, wine, herbal beer, etc. These antioxidant drinks helps our bodies fight against some major diseases such as cancer and heart problems as well as other ailments associated with aging.

Studies show that people who consume antioxidant drinks daily experience less health risks and even a certain amount of aging reversal. The best known sources of antioxidants today are fruit and vegetables.

Are Antioxidant Drinks Magic Potions?

Most fruits and vegetables contain vital nutrients and antioxidants that fight harmful free radicals that lead oxidative damage to body cells, a possible risk factor for heart diseases and cancer. Antioxidant drinks like coffee, green tea, herbal beer and wine made from fruits like grapes, apples and citrus fruits contain polyphenols, which are highly useful to the health of humans. Medicinal plants used in preparing herbal health drinks are reported to be good for the liver and other vital organs of the body.

Many people believe coffee is one of the main sources of antioxidants. Studies on this controversial beverage found that it does contain high concentrations of antioxidants, which are particularly beneficial against heart disease and cancer. Coffee, as per the findings of the several studies, contains is an antioxidant drink that contains much more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables.

There are many herbal drinks produced in India according to ayurveda which have shown high antioxidant properties and these are used as tonics and boosters of the immune system. They are known to benefit the liver in particular and improve the cardio-vascular system. Besides, these antioxidant drinks have been time and again proven to be invaluable in fighting aging.

In China people consume soups made of vegetables herbs, and even fruits that have high antioxidant contents as part of a staple diet. Is it then a coincidence that Chinese people have the longest life span in the world? Another observation is that in China wrinkles usually come around 70s, later than anywhere in the world. Does this have anything to do with the green tea, soups and other antioxidant drinks they consume on a regular basis?

Some of the main Advantages of antioxidant drinks are:

1. These drinks have neither chemicals nor artificial flavors.

2. They are made of natural ingredients which have medicinal properties.

3. They provide instant energy and power to fights diseases.

4. They can be used as health tonics.

5. They can be used to check and reverse aging to a large extent