Is There an Antioxidant Formula for Beauty?

Yes, there are as many antioxidant beauty formulas as you would want to have. It is true that science has been projecting antioxidants as health promoting agents – which they would still be. However, it is also true that they can make for exceptionally potent beauty antioxidant formulas as well.

What Nature Offers as Beauty Aids

There are so many fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, each specializing in certain areas. The overall picture offers anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, antibiotic and similar properties. If we concentrate on the beauty aspects, we will be able to see a number of combinations to make extraordinarily potent beauty antioxidant formulas.

1. Grapes – These are some of the most powerful antioxidants on earth, estimated to be some 10,000 times more powerful in self-healing properties than vitamin E, can help in skin regeneration.

2. Nuts – There are quite a few kinds of nuts that fall into this category. Even though overall nuts are famous for their role in fighting cancer and related diseases in the body, they can also contribute to the beautifying of the skin, hair, and nails etc.

a. Coconut – It is said that coconut water can be used as blood plasma, in an emergency; they also say that regular consumption of coconut can improve the quality of women’s hair in particular (though it is as helpful for men as well). This usually refers to the use of the fruit in oil form.

b. Almond - By adding almonds to your diet, you could ensure that you have a glowing skin, especially because the extract (oil) from almonds makes for an excellent natural emollient. The almonds here can combine with other antioxidants to create an exclusive antioxidant formula and serve as a skin revival tonic.

c. Camellia - The oil obtained from this type of nut is excellent for preventing and removing stretch marks from the body. Combining this oil with other anti-aging agents can result into an outstanding antioxidant formula which can reverse aging any time.

d. Peanuts – If you thought nothing of the modest peanut, you will be happy to hear that it is almost the single best source for Q10 - a well recognized, well reported co-enzyme that can reverse aging of the skin if used on a regular basis.

There are a multitude of antioxidants out there; each contributing to some aspect or other of our health. However, it is heartening to know that antioxidants can also have positive effects on our beauty and help in the form of skin re-structure (a great boon after serious burns), hair re-vitalization, reversal of wrinkles, and strengthening of nails, among others.