Want To Live A Long And Healthy Life- Make Use Of The Antioxidants In Fruits

The pollution, the stress, the overall quality of life is going against human being’s longevity. People as young as 40-45 years old die of sudden heart attacks; they have diabetes, they age prematurely, they suffer from blood pressure, heart ailments, kidney failure, liver problems and what not.

What Can Be Done To Reverse This Trend?

Many people have already adopted several measures in their search for a better and healthier life by excluding meat from their diets, by adopting organic food, by introducing exercise in their daily routines and so such others. It has also been observed, much to the joy of this category of people, that there are certain elements which are exceedingly helpful in this matter. Topping the list is the antioxidants.

These elements are believed to reverse not only aging, but also many of the modern ailments like heart problems, liver dysfunction, arthritis, memory loss, cancer and many others. The top sources of antioxidants are fruits. The blueberry, which is considered to be the king of fruits in this regard, can accomplish wonders.

People have learnt to use the antioxidants in fruits to promote their health and live a better and more meaningful life. There are many novel ways of bringing the benefits of antioxidants from fruits into the daily diet. Some people consume these fruits dry in place of snacks; some people have it as juice every morning; yet others have a list of the best sources of antioxidants in fruits and their seasons, and accordingly procure those fruits that are available fresh and consume them daily.

It does not matter how they are consumed; what matters is how much they are consumed and whether they are consumed daily. In order for the antioxidants from fruits to work on the body and the general health, the intake should be regular, on a daily basis. It is only when these fruits (and their antioxidants) are consumed daily that the body can really benefit out of it.

This benefit can be measured in clear indicators, i.e. reduced heart problems, more stamina, reversing age on face and body, improving memory, improved digestion, improved sleeping patterns, reducing of pain and discomfort from arthritis, and so on.

The best among all the benefits that antioxidants offer is that the life becomes more meaningful during old age, since the improved healthy and mental ability enables the person to be useful to the society and through it live long and with dignity.