Antioxidant Revolution Seeks More Fighters

There is a revolution going on in your body right now, fighting an insurgency being caused by free radicals. They are doing everything in their power to infect and injure your body in various ways that, unless you participate in an antioxidant revolution, they will find success.

These free radicals hide everywhere and it is hard to fight them as they roam freely through your blood stream, attaching themselves to innocent cells or the cell membranes and reeking havoc on your immune system. This radical group just is not right, being missing a neuron in their make up, and only an antioxidant revolution can help free you of these infectious atoms.

Believe it or not, the best defense against them is simply throw fruits and vegetables at them. No, you will not crush them with this ammunition, rather fruits and vegetables serve as kind of a Trojan horse, carrying antioxidants to work against these free radicals. In their hasty search for another neuron to attach themselves to, they do not take the time to identify their target and not realizing antioxidants are part of the antioxidant revolution, attach to them and are rendered harmless.

Scout Pathways For Free Roaming Radicals

Free radicals, with their missing neuron continually search your blood stream for unsuspecting cells to which to cling. In this important antioxidant revolution. they can cruise the same pathways offering themselves up as a sacrifice for the free radicals, removing them from the battle one at a time. Do not worry about the size of the army in this antioxidant revolution, by throwing enough fruits and vegetables at them, the size of your defenses will continue to grow.

The antioxidant revolution forces should be replenished at least five times each day, and it has been recommended nine times each day would even be better. However, bringing in mercenaries in form of pills or other supplements could actually harm your antioxidant revolution. Recent studies have indicated that having too many defensive antioxidants in the antioxidant revolution can cause some of them to turn against you, becoming pro-free radical and causing more harm than good.

To win this never-ending battle you will need to maintain a good ratio of antioxidants to free radicals and by using the fruits and vegetables, their chemicals working together in the antioxidant revolution, is better than bringing in outsiders in separate chemical groups because no one can win in chemical warfare.