You Can Fight Cancer with the Help of Flavonoid Antioxidants

Cancer, one of the most dreaded diseases for the last four centuries now, might have at last met its match, the flavonoid antioxidants. It looks like a good dose of these types of antioxidants can turn back the pages in time and erase cancer from the history of the cells which were thus attacked.

Prevention Can Be Delicious

When you endeavor to use flavonoid antioxidants to prevent cancer – the task becomes far from unpleasant. You may actually learn to enjoy this delicious trip to health. Some of the most potent flavonoid antioxidants are described below.

1. Green tea – This has been a well known source of antioxidants through its rich source of polyphenols which are especially beneficial in fighting and preventing stomach cancer, lung cancer and ovarian cancer. It is also reported to prevent breast cancer.

2. Tomato – This exceptional vegetable has excellent cancer fighting flavonoid antioxidants. Studies have shown that the juice and ketchup have higher contents of antioxidants than the tomato in the fresh form. This could have something to do with the temperature at which it is cooked into ketchup/ juice/ puree, etc. The regular consumption of tomatoes (in concentrated form) prevents breast cancer, rectum cancer, cervical cancer, prostrate cancer, among others. This is excellent news for men – since prostrate cancer is one of the major silent killers all over the world.

3. Carrots – This is yet another powerful flavonoid antioxidant which can fight the effects of any and all pollutants. This is why doctors usually prescribe carrot juice for everyone who lives in crowded and polluted environments. The carrot juice can especially reverse the effects of cigarette smoking (both for the smoker and the passive inhaler). The carrot juice is also known as the cleaner juice for its properties of cleaning all the chemicals and pollutants from the body.

4. Grapes – Wine has always been recognized as one of the most potent flavonoid antioxidants among all those known to man. The magic ingredient in wine/ grape juice is the quercetin. This flavonoid is an excellent and unique tool against inflammation, allergies and cancer of the skin and ovaries.

5. Soy beans – It have been found that the soy bean contain an excellent ingredient called genistein which is capable of inhibiting cancer formation right at cellular level. The soy bean is especially potent against prostrate cancer in men and ovarian cancer in women.

Use any, all or a combination of the antioxidants listed above to ensure that your life will be healthier and longer. Good Luck!