Free Radical Antioxidant: Winning The War Against Free Radicals

One would need an understanding about the way that free radicals and antioxidants interact, which in turn would require studying cells and molecules. When weak bonds break up it leads to the formation of free radicals which are not at all stable and they react quickly with compounds ant try to capture electrons to become stable once more. Once this process of stealing other electrons continues it may lead to disruption of the living cell.

Free radical antioxidants are used to protect the body from such destructive effects and the antioxidant would help to neutralize the free radicals by giving off their own electrons and thus end the electron stealing cycle by the free radicals. Free radical antioxidants are not prone to becoming free radicals themselves and act as scavengers by preventing cell and tissue damage that would have otherwise resulted in cellular damage as well as disease.

Free Radical Antioxidants And Prevention Of Disease

Free radical antioxidants are helpful in preventing heart diseases and the vitamin E that they contain protects against any kind of cardiovascular disease as they defend against LDL oxidation as well as clogging of the artery and plaque formation. Free radical antioxidants also have vitamin C which keeps and minimizes the rate of cancer to low levels, more so in the case of mouth cancer and cancer of the larynx and esophagus. Also, free radical antioxidants can help in protecting the body from damage caused by free radicals and the best way to ensure enough of these free radical antioxidants is to keep a balanced diet that may consist of five to eight servings of fruits and vegetables, each day.

Every day, the human body is subjected to attack by free radicals that may cause a person to age prematurely, have wrinkled skin along with discoloration and there may also be hardening of the arteries and stiffening of the joints and many other related illnesses. To protect oneself against such diseases one needs to use free radical antioxidants to restore as well as even rejuvenate the health. Free radical antioxidants help to improve circulation, strengthens arteries and veins, fights inflammation in arthritis, aids in healing sports injuries, reduces eczema and a whole lot of other positives can be derived from its use. Free radical antioxidants may help in reversing the devastating effects of damage caused by free radicals and in this regard antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and other natural plants contain hundreds of protective nutrients that may help protect the body from free radicals that destroy the cells and tissues in the body.