Green Tea Antioxidant: Numerous Health Benefits

The health benefits of consuming green tea antioxidants is enormous and in countries such as Japan and China, which are the world’s largest tea drinkers, there is much less incidence of heart diseases as compared with the Western world. Green tea is supposed to have ten times the amount of antioxidants as compared with fruits and vegetables.

Green tea antioxidants are known to be very beneficial to the health and it is gaining ground over coffee with companies such as Starbucks even including tea on their menus. Green tea antioxidants are different to those found in fruits and vegetables and green tea is packed with thearubigins, epicatechins and catechins.

Detoxifying Effect Of Green Tea Antioxidants

The detoxifying effects of green tea antioxidants help to protect the person from free radicals and prevent damage that may result in blood clotting, atherosclerosis as well as cancer. Those who drink two cups of green tea every day would be less liable to have heart diseases or suffer strokes and even when struck by heart disease green tea antioxidants help in quick recovery. In addition, green tea antioxidants help to boost metabolism and helps reduce weight and blocks allergic response and has many other health benefits that also includes protecting the bones and improving the skin and providing protection from Parkinson’s disease. Also, green tea antioxidants help to make cancer cells mature sooner, bind together tightly and also prevents in their further multiplication.

Research on this topic seems to suggest that for positive results one needs to drink green tea because it contains no calories and has lots of polyphenols and it is recommended to drink at least six to ten cups of green tea throughout the day. The green tea antioxidants are also helpful in protecting the brain and fights memory loss that may be due to plaque deposits in Alzheimer’s disease. Green tea antioxidants does also help, through its polyphenol content to prevent cancer and it is also indicated by studies that it may improve endurance in exercise through improved fat metabolism. The main reason for the health benefits of green tea antioxidants is the presence of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which helps to considerably slow down the growth of human lung cancer cells if a person consumes two to three cups of green tea that contains EGCG. In addition, green tea also helps to raise metabolic rates as well as speeds up fat oxidation.