Super Antioxidant: Effective Free Radical Combatant

The J & B super antioxidant is a balanced as well as comprehensive formula that contains the three FDA recognized antioxidants that are necessary to ward off free radicals and other diseases. These three antioxidants are vitamin C of which there are 500mgs, vitamin E of which there are 100 IU and beta-carotene of which there are 2mg and there are also two powerful phyto-antioxidants in the form of grape seed extract 2400mg as well as green tea extract 400mg. The most important ingredient of the J&B super antioxidant is 100mg of alpha lipoic acid and it may be noted that J&B super antioxidants are the most powerful of antioxidant products available on the market today.

OPCxtra Super Antioxidant

Another super antioxidant product available is OPCxtra which is a drink mixture that combines six major sources of bioflavonoids. Out of these six, four are grape seed extract, red wine extract, pine bark extract and green tea extract and these four help to supply powerful antioxidant bioflavonoids that are known as Oligomeric Proanthocyanides. For those who may not know what bioflavonoids are one could think of them as being complex organic plant compounds that are most often found in fruits and vegetables and their function as a cofactor or helper is to get the immune system of the body to respond to inflammation, infection as well as allergy. Super antioxidants, especially OPCextra, are far better than other antioxidants due to their protective effects that can multiply in the body and also support the dynamic interplay as well as provide powerful antioxidant protection. OPCextra can recycle vitamins C and E even after free radicals have been quenched and help in maintaining optimal, synergistic antioxidant balance in the person’s body.

This super antioxidant can quickly be absorbed and also be distributed fast throughout the entire body and as free radical fighters it aids the body far more quickly than other antioxidants and thus minimizes the potential of free radical damage as well as the devastating effects of aging. In addition, this super antioxidant has more reactive sites that can neutralize free radicals as compared with other antioxidants. This results in OPCextra being able to scavenge a great range of free radicals and is highly reactive in both fat as well as water. The major benefit of this super antioxidant is that it neutralizes oxygen free radicals and thus provides protection to healthy cells in many different internal conditions and this is unique to OPCxtra as other antioxidants work either in lipid or aqueous phases, but not in both.