The Many Benefits Of Green Tea Antioxidants

You must have known by now, about tea’s calming properties. You must have also heard and acknowledged the anti-aging properties of tea. You must have known about tea’s ability to re-start kidney function and reverse damage in some cases. You must have also learnt about the medicinal properties of green tea. However, did you know that green tea antioxidants can fight cancer? I doubt that. This is one of the recently discovered properties of green tea.

You Can Prevent Cancer With Green Tea Antioxidants

It is said that whenever nature brings a sickness or calamity, it also brings its cure. It depends on the human beings to find these cures whenever they are faced with any major malady.

Cancer, is one of he most dreaded diseases yet. It is silent, it is painless in the first two phases, and painful and terminal in the last two. The pain and discomfort (due only in the last phases) will diagnose this disease too late to do anything about it. Cancer, if detected in the first two stages can be cured and reversed completely. However, in most cases it is discovered too late to save the life of the person concerned. This is particularly why, it is advised to have a periodic check-up (at least once in two years) once you are above 40 years of age, lest diseases like cancer creep up on you undetected.

Many reports have shown that people, who consume green tea antioxidants regularly, have very few health complaints. Even those who were found to suffer from cancer (third stage) had stabilized after being treated with green tea. It is strongly believed that the green tea antioxidants play a major role in checking and even reversing cancer. Ovarian cancer in particular has been found highly responsive to the green tea antioxidants. Other cancers too respond well to these green tea antioxidants; however the ovarian cancer responds the best.

Besides the fact that tea antioxidants are great against cancer, they are also well known to improve the immune system which in turn is able to tackle most of the common infections such as colds, virus-caused diseases and others such as arthritis, tooth decay and aging. Green tea in particular is also quite famous for its anti-aging properties. It is said that applying cold tea bags (green tea) on the eyes every day for 20 minutes would totally eliminate dark circles and eye tiredness in no time.