Vitamin E And Antioxidant: A Fat-Soluble Vitamin That Combats Free Radicals

Vitamin E and antioxidant go hand in hand in the fight against free radicals and vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and along with vitamin C and beta-carotene are antioxidants that are the nutrients that help in blocking the damage caused by toxic by-products that are released when the body transforms food into energy or combats infection. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that is found in high-quality liquid multivitamins and vitamin E deficiency occurs when a person is unable to absorb fat properly. Vitamin E and antioxidants prevent arteries from clogging as it aids in blocking the conversion of cholesterol into waxy fat deposits that are known as plaque and which stick to the walls of blood vessels. In addition, vitamin E and antioxidants contained therein help in thinning the blood and so makes blood flow easily through the arteries in spite of the presence of plaque. Vitamin E and antioxidants also help to curtail heart diseases as well as other cardiovascular diseases.

Reduces The Risk Of Death From Stroke

Studies into vitamin E and antioxidants suggest that postmenopausal women are less at risk of dying from stroke in postmenopausal phase and supplemental vitamin E can be used to treat atherosclerosis. In addition, use of food rich in vitamin E and antioxidants result in reduced plaque and so decreases the risk of having a stroke. Eating food that contains vitamin E and antioxidant can protect the person from cancer and it is evident that people having cancer also have low levels of vitamin E and that food containing vitamin E and antioxidant are connected to lesser instances of cancers such as colon cancer and a supplement of vitamin E and antioxidant would reduce the risk of developing such a condition.

According to research findings, the antioxidant defense system of a person’s body is quite complicated and focusing on just vitamin E and antioxidants in isolation may not always be the most advisable course and the dietary form should contain other antioxidants as well to ward off diseases such as cancer and the whole aging process as well. Also, alpha-tocopherol has been recognized from way back as being the most active form of vitamin E that is present in humans and is a powerful biological antioxidant and vitamin E is a potent peroxyl radical scavenger that is a chain-breaking antioxidant which curtails free radicals from damaging biological membranes.