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Biography of the Band:

Their diverse instrumentals range from baritone electric guitars, electric mandolins, sitars, 12-string classical guitars to many other East Asian instruments. Their main influence is noticeably the heavy metal veterans Black Sabbath and Slayer, but they have many other musical influences such as jazz, fusion, Armenian folk music, classic rock, blues and industrial metal.

The band enjoyed moderate success with their first singles, Sugar and Spiders, off their debut album System of a Down. However, their big break came from their sophomore effort, Toxicity, which debuted at #1 on the American and Canadian charts, eventually going multi-platnium. The album also has the dubious distinction of being the #1 album in America on the week of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Their first big hit was the controversial 'Chop Suey!', released in the late summer of 2001. The title comes from a poem of Father Armeni, who wrote about Armenia after the genocide of 1915. He asked God why have you forsaken me in your eyes. Father Armeni also said that in Armenia a self righteous suicide has taken place. System of a Down received constant airplay in the United States throughout late 2001 and 2002 with their hits, Chop Suey!, Toxicity, Aerials, off their second album, Toxicity, and Innervision off their third album, Steal This Album!.

Their third album, containing songs from the Toxicity recording session, was released as 'Steal This Album!' because early recordings of most of the songs had leaked out onto the Internet. There are four different designs of the album available. One version of the CD resembles a CD Recordable that was labeled with a felt-tip marker, and the other four featured designs by individual band members.

In 2004, the band recorded two brand new albums for release in 2005 that will be released 6 months apart from each other. They are Mesmerize and Hypnotize. Mesmerize will be released in April whilst Hypnotize will be released approximately six months after. In early January, 2005, a new track called 'Cigaro' was leaked onto the Internet (some say it was leaked by the band itself, considering it was leaked onto a web page which featured a 'mesmerizing' spiral and was performed by the band at their Big Day Out appearances several days after the leak) to praise from fans.

Band Members:

Name: Serj Tankian
Plays: Vocalist y Keyboardist
Born: August 21, 1967 in Beirut

Name: Daron Arto Malakian
Plays: Guitar
Born: july 18, 1975 in Hollywood

Name: Jhon Dolmayan
Plays: Drummer
Born: july 15, 1973 in Lebanon

Name: Shavo Odadjian
Plays: Bass
Born: April 22, 1974 in Armenia

Discography of System of a Down:

1998: System of a Down
2001: Toxicity (lyric)
2002: Steal this Album!
2005: Hypnotize
2005: Mesmerize

Home > art & music > System of a Down Biography and Discography > System of a Down lyric

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