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BMW Fort Lauderdale: Many Service Options

Not knowing where to search for a new BMW car or SUV can be quite overwhelming especially when one does not have a clear idea about where to begin, and finding a BMW in Fort Lauderdale is no exception. It requires searching and sifting a whole lot of different places and not having a complete and convenient directory of BMW cars, bikes and trucks in the Fort Lauderdale area will not make things any easier, especially as there is a need to comparison buy to get the best deal possible.

A good source for obtaining all this information is that helps the car enthusiast to find trusted BMW Fort Lauderdale car dealers, and will thus help them save time, money as well as effort in affecting an important decision of buying a high-end product such as the BMW.

Corner Garage vs. Dealer Service Department

However, merely locating a BMW Fort Lauderdale dealer may not always be enough, and one should know more about what goes on in the back rooms of these dealers so that one can get the best deal possible. And, once one lays one’s hands on one of these beauties, what does one do about maintenance? Opt for a corner garage or use the dealer service department?

No doubt, the technicians at a BMW Fort Lauderdale dealer will be specialists and will be manufacturer trained and will exclusively work on the BMW for you. But, at the same time many BMW Fort Lauderdale independent repair facilities are also the brain child of ex-dealer employees, and so they would know all that is required and may be both manufacturer trained as well as A.S.E. certified.

There is thus no reason to baulk at the thought of sending one’s expensive BMW to an independent corner garage, and many of these small establishments will usually specialize in BMWs. In addition, being a local of Fort Lauderdale will allow one to develop a close relationship with the mechanic, and this is mostly only possible in small garages that provide personalized service. The BMW Fort Lauderdale dealership would simply treat every owner as another number that is printed out on the printer, and would not provide much opportunity for personal interaction.

With better interpersonal relationships, close proximity, the proverbial corner garage has some distinct advantages as compared with the BMW Fort Lauderdale dealer and for, non-major repairs, provides the Fort Lauderdale resident with a viable option, even though one may not always get guaranteed work. The corner garage depends on repeat business and so would go out of their way to please customers. The BMW Fort Lauderdale dealer may be more concerned with keeping a “corporate” image rather than providing customer satisfaction as their main aim.

In any case, a Fort Lauderdale resident will have the choice between a BMW Fort Lauderdale dealership and a corner garage to choose from when it comes to servicing and repairing his or her BMW. More choice means better competition and better service.