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Is the BMW M3 Good for Your Pocket?


The BMW M3 is one of the best cars out there. That is a fact; but the question is whether this beautiful beast is best for your pocket? Well, many people say yes, if you know how to manage your finances properly, and buy the right car. In fact this is very true. There are many different generations of the BMW M3, which of course translate into the price differences as well.

If you are have a smaller budget, but still want an M3, then you should go for a used one. Alternatively if you have a higher budget range, you can go for the newer models or even the latest one too. One thing to be noted is that in luxury vehicles, older cars are in many ways as good as new. Now let us go through the various generations of the BMW M3.


This is the earliest version of the BMW M3. Basically as we know, the standard design of the M3, which is the sports version of the popular compact BMW 3 Series, was introduced here. The M badge carried not only the nature of the car being powerful, but also being beautiful.

The power train was the 2.3 liters S14 engine, taken from the M10’s inline-4 block, and the valve train and head architecture from BMWs famous but then historical M1 and later the unique M6’s inline-6 cylinder. The first car produced 195 hp, then further revised to 215 hp, and then to 238 hp. The BMW M3 was first equipped with a stiffer and more aerodynamic body shell as well as "box flared" fenders, which only the M6 had. This was basically to accommodate a wider track with bigger wheels and tires, which was typical of a muscle car.


After 6 years this version of the BMW M3 was introduced. This E36 coupe model got the 3.0 liters straight-6 engine, which produced 286 hp. Four years later, this was revised to a higher power train of 321 hp, which came from a new 3.2 liters. As an option, a new SMG gearbox was introduced. Named as one of the best models produced, this car is still available around.


This is the latest version of the BMW M3. The primary batch of the E46 BMW M3 came in Laguna Seca Blue, with a newer SMG Drivelogic or the SMG II, delivering a power of 343 hp.


This is the next version of the BMW M3, which is expected in September 2007. This car comes with a V8 engine producing 420 hp, and the designed is derived from the current E92 3 series coupe.