Body Building


Bodybuilding And Weightlifting: Compound Movements, Proper Diet And Enough Rest Should Do The Trick

Doing weightlifting in a gym may not always show immediate results, and is one of the reasons that people tend to give up rather easily when they want their bodybuilding and weightlifting program to do wonders immediately after they start their training regimes. Doing twenty sets of bicep curls four times a week may not do the trick and this may be because the muscles don’t grow when they are being worked, but grow only when rested. This means that while bodybuilding and weightlifting go hand in hand, it also requires that the bodybuilder works the muscles in the gyms and then gives them time to recover.

Do Not Overtrain

Doing a lot of exercising when combining bodybuilding and weightlifting may also not show results because in this sport, more will not result in more; rather, less is more. Overtraining can occur and signs of it are when one gets sick or catches a cold more than is normal, feels tired all the time, muscles and eyelids start to twitch, and most important of all, there is no strength or size gains for extended periods of time. This is when one should stop working out and needs to take a week of rest.

Bodybuilding and weightlifting is all about workout routines and what exercises, how many sets, how many reps, and more that the bodybuilder performs. Splitting up the workout is known as a workout split and requires programming for certain days of the week that are set aside for particular muscle workouts. A most important aspect of bodybuilding and weightlifting is that there should not be any overtraining.

The bodybuilder may need to follow one of three things when making a workout routine and splits. He or she could work chest, triceps and shoulders on the same day and then do biceps and back also so that secondary muscles are worked on that particular day. Or, he or she may separate those muscles that work secondary muscles and thus not overtrain. And, most preferably, when bodybuilding with weightlifting programs, do chest as well as triceps on Mondays, and shoulders on Thursdays and finally back and biceps on Fridays.

Bodybuilding and weightlifting entails a number of different exercises for each muscle and there are many ways to split them in order to make a routine out of them. Muscle building is not easy and requires time as well as effort and needs a person to dedicate time to perform the required routines. The most important bodybuilding and weightlifting step includes workout routines and these routines must be done correctly.

There are four exercises, among the many exercises that make up a compound movement, which are exercises requiring the body to use more than a single muscle. The four biggest as well as most effectual muscle building exercises are squats, deadlifts, bench presses as well as military presses. These four compound movements, if performed correctly, will help the exerciser in his or her bodybuilding and weightlifting endeavors, and combined with a good diet, which is as important as the actual weightlifting, will do wonders for the bodybuilder. Last, but not the least, the bodybuilder need to get enough rest in order for him or her to recover and not overtrain.