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Bodybuilding Diet: Ten Weeks To Perfect Diet

Some, but not all bodybuilders will be able to make drastic changes in a small time frame and incorporate changes in their bodybuilding diet regime at once. The majority will however take the small incremental change route that will, over time, give the desired results and this may be the recommended route as making a change to the bodybuilding diet should be one that means taking many small steps in order to reach the larger and final goal.

Setting New Goals Every Two Weeks

Making changes slowly to the bodybuilding diet will ensure that the body gets accustomed to the changes, and every two weeks a new goal may be set, with each goal building upon the success of the previous step. It will require a certain degree of dedication and determination which the bodybuilder should have in order to succeed in his quest for the perfect body.

A body building diet that has different goals every two weeks will yield consistent fat loss as well as muscle gain, and the first two weeks should be used for cutting the fat. This means reducing the fat intake and may entail steaming and boiling food that would otherwise have been fried, substituting with low fat or non-fat the high fat content of salad dressings, and also substituting high fat meats with lower fat choices.

The following two weeks of the body building diet changes may require eliminating refined sugar consumption. This will require eliminating regular sodas that contain much sugar, and the body builder is advised to drink diet sodas, instead. He or she should also eliminate the use of table sugar as also not consume any type of sweets.

Weeks five to six of the body building diet regime should require the body builder to make water the main beverage of his or her diet. It means drinking much more water than has previously been consumed, and it requires the body builder to substitute all forms of drinks, including diet sodas as well as fruit juices, for water. Thirst must only be quenched by drinking water, and the body builder should also drink an eight ounce glass of water with every meal as well as drink a minimum of sixteen ounces of water during workouts.

Weeks seven and eight will necessitate controlling caloric intakes as well as multiple feedings. These are perhaps the most challenging weeks of the complete body building diet regime, and requires much determination to succeed. This is when the most unbelievable results will show up, and it requires determining the lean body mass which can be multiplied by twelve in order to obtain the base caloric intake per day, and this quantity should be divided by five or six for males, and by four or five for females, to give the number of calories that must be consumed per meal. Even if it means writing down the caloric intake, the body builder should do so and use it to keep close control that the allotted calories are not exceeded.

Weeks nine and ten will get the body builder closer to the ideal body building diet.

Following these basic body building diet steps should ensure quantifiable as well as desired results in just two months or thereabouts.