Body Building


Body Building Exercises Build Muscle Strength

You are thinking of adding a bit of bulk to your slender frame, and you want to do it through various body building exercises. However, you have absolutely no idea where to begin, so it is necessary for you to know the benefits of the various body building exercises that you have to choose from

About Body Building Exercises

There are certainly many different body building exercises, but figuring out what is best to do is not that hard once you figure out what parts of your body you want to have larger muscles. Most of those who are into body building want more body building exercises that provide them with more muscular arms, shoulders, and legs.

Many aspiring body builders think that the only true way to build muscles on their arms is to lift weights. This is not true, because while lifting weights is indeed a beneficial body building exercise, it is not a good idea for novices to do that before acquiring some arm strength through other means.

Specifically, a good exercise to build muscle on arms is pushups. Now, pushups can be hard to do for a novice, but they are a great way to start out and not injure oneself at the same time. Begin with only a few pushups, and as soon as you feel your upper arm muscles start to burn, stop.

Don’t do more than two sets of 15 the first time if you aren’t in shape. In fact, you could do as little as 10 to start with. Little by little you will gain more strength in your arms. Pushups are also excellent for your shoulders, because when you are in the starting position of a pushup you can definitely feel the muscles in your shoulders tensing. You can also develop your shoulders through this exercise because you are holding up your own body while you are doing pushups.

When it comes to a good exercise for your legs, try doing forward leg lunges or squats. These will be uncomfortable for those who are not used to exercising, but they are a great way to build up the muscles in your legs.

If you want more information on the various exercises you could do to build up your physique, get a local gym membership and enlist the help of a personal trainer. Or, you can search the internet for advice on various exercises for beginners. With the proper research, you are sure to find some beneficial body building exercises.