Body Building


Eat For Your Muscles: Body Building Food

Body building is a sport that, above everything, requires extreme dedication and willpower. This means that when choosing to become a body builder, you have to choose the right kinds of body building food that will help you become the athlete that you want to be, and throwing out your junk food.

Here is a bit of information on the kinds of body building food that you should consume while training for competition, or just training in general.

Protein And More Protein Are Key Ingredients

Protein is the food that will help build muscle mass. It can be found mostly in meat, dairy and nut products. This is also the most important part of body building food that you will need in order to succeed as a bodybuilder. Combined with exercise, protein will help build muscle mass and weight, and also help to burn fat and increase metabolism. When choosing the right amounts of protein, keep in mind to choose lean red meat and chicken, as well as tuna and eggs. While high in protein, these foods also are low in trans fats, which are not good for the cholesterol. Also be choosy when finding the right kinds of protein shakes for a morning or after work out meal. Most shakes only offer 10% of the results that you expect. Consult your trainer on what brand they recommend.

Deciding On The Right Kind Of Carbs

Carbohydrates are simple and complex sugars that are needed to supply the body with energy. But they also pose a problem, as when they are not used up by the body during activity, they will be stored as fat. As a body building food, carbs are strictly off limits during training. This may be difficult for most, but you want to build muscle and not fat. But, a few weeks before competition, carb loading may be undertaken, as it is seen by most bodybuilders as essential to help them gain weight and thus “peak” the day of competition. Whether carbs will help you at this point, is heavily dependant upon your body’s metabolism. Again, it is best to talk to your trainer to see if carbs can be a good body building food for you.

Everyone’s body is different, and depending upon that it is essential to find the right combination of body building food that will help you succeed.