Body Building


How To Prepare For A Body Building Show

Whether a professional or amateur, preparing for a body building show is the most important time of your training. It is essential to make sure that the proper measures are undertaken to ensure that you will perform at the very best.

Below are some tips to make your body look sculpted and show-off worth at a body building show:

Time Frame

Timing is everything when preparing for a body building show. In the months previous to the competition, you have probably trained and conditioned your body slowly up to your standards. Depending upon your body’s ability to lose fat and gain muscle mass, it can take about 8-12 or 4-6 weeks before competition when you should begin to really begin to intensify your work out.

Workout Regimen

The point of a body building show is to present as much definition and muscle before the judges, thus the term “peaking”. In order to do this, it is important to continue to build your muscle and lose body fat weeks before the competition. Most trainers would suggest that you increase your aerobic activity in the morning, when your body will burn stored calories. Also, doing anaerobic exercise (lifting weights) should also be increased.

Another important part to peak the day of the body building show is to either do carb loading, fat loading or a combination of both to help your body appear at its best. Your diet depends largely on your body type, and how well your body can digest carbohydrates and build lean muscle mass through protein consumption. Consult with your trainer to find the right kind of diet to pursue before the competition.

Tanning and Posing

After all of that hard work, you want your muscles to shine under the spotlight. This is when tanning and finding the right poses comes in; a few days before the body building show, going to the tanning booth or spraying on tan well help bring out your muscle definition. It is important to remember that the darker your skin is, the more defined your muscles will appear.

Posing is also important when in a body building competition. You want to make sure that the judges see every peck and muscle on your sculpted body. Your trainer can assist you with practicing the right poses before the competition.

In the end, it is important to make sure that diet, workout and even your posing is at its peak for the day of competition. You have worked hard to get your body looking good, now its time to get credit for it.