Body Building


Look Good While Working Out: Body Building T Shirt

When working out, some of us choose to find whatever old, ripped or holy t shirt and shorts that will absorb our sweat. But, if you are a dedicated body builder, it is best to find a body building t shirt that will fit your body and your personality.

Below are some suggestions on finding a body building t shirt that will match what you are all about:

Durability And Comfort

With any activity, it is best to find clothing that will last a long time, as well as do its job. For avid outdoors people, they want to find a shirt or pants that will endure all kinds of weather as well as last them a long time. These will usually costs a little bit more than a cheaper version, but the money is worth it. For body builders, finding a good body building t shirt that will last them awhile and look good is important.

A body building t shirt is as close as your neighborhood athletic store. It is best to find a shirt that will last awhile. Find one that is not made of all cotton, as cotton shrinks with washing. Look for shirts that contain polypropylene, a type of fabric that does not absorb and retain sweat, but wicks it off the body to keep your dry and aired out. Or, a combination of polypropylene and cotton will do fine.


While most body builders choose a “wife beater” shirt, which is basically a t shirt with the arm cuffs cut off, you don’t have to follow their lead. If a simple tank top will work for you, then go for that. If not, then a t-shirt may work just as fine. Keep in mind, though, that you want to find a body building t shirt that you will be able to move around in, and can easily lift weights with. Also, if you tent to sweat a lot during work out, choosing a dark colored body building t shirt can also work for you, and keep from embarrassment.

Other such choices include shirts with logos on them, or those that represent what bodybuilding competition you were in. It doesn’t hurt to let others know at the gym just how hard you work to get your body looking competition ready.

In the end, choose a body building t shirt that will fit your budget and your persona. This will help you add a little fun to your workout.