Body Building


A Proper Body Building Workout Should Bestow Rock Hard Muscle In Quick Time

A productive body building workout should not hold the body’s full genetic capacity back and must help awaken the beast within. It should give the bodybuilder a titanic, rock solid muscle in quick time and not need him or her to need to use steroids. It might entail defying science and applying routines that do not at first make sense. And, it should give one the ability to gain drastic muscle-mass as well as eliminate body fat.

Must Be Able To Spare Two Hours Daily

Many people that are serious about body building workouts will generally not have the required two hours a day to spend in the gym performing workouts that are recommended by fitness experts. The desired body building workouts consist of exercises as well as techniques that are very much suited to getting the type of body that they desire.

A body building workout should deliver strength, flexibility, cardio as well as muscular endurance, and also burn fat. Before undertaking a workout, it is advisable to get a doctor’s opinion as well as warm up for fifteen minutes to get the body attuned to the hard workout that is to be performed. One should perform the body building workout by adjusting the number of repetitions as well as time spent, which depends on the body builder’s current fitness levels.

A typical body building workout could begin with one minute of Jumping Jacks followed by bodyweight squat of fifteen to twenty reps, and then doing as many pushup reps as are possible. This should be followed by kick butts i.e. jogging in place and kicking the rear with both heels, and should last for a minute. To get the hamstrings working, perform hamstring floor bridge by using a Swiss ball or one leg for advanced users, and do this for fifteen to twenty reps followed by superman, i.e. lie on the stomach with arms out to side and lift legs and chest off the floor for fifteen to twenty reps.

One can then perform high knees or jogging in place lifting knees as high as possible for one minute followed by fifteen to twenty reps of stationary lunges, and then some torso rotations and twists for twenty reps in each direction, and a similar number of side bends/reaches.

Finally, such a body building workout would involve one minute of mountain climbers followed by wall sit, which is of the maximum duration that one can hold it for, and finally, dips using chairs/benches/stairs of as many reps as possible.

Such a body building workout will be able to deliver much more usable fitness results and benefits than would otherwise be possible with a traditional gym or health club workout. The best part of this body building workout is that it can be performed anywhere, and it is recommended to switch the exercises every two to four weeks and try rotating them for best results. These and other body building workout exercises could help bodybuilders achieve awesome levels of fitness along with workouts with dumbbells, Swiss balls, medicine balls, and more.