Body Building


Beginning A Body Building Workout Routine

When people begin a new year, it is common to make a resolution to change something. Whether it is to stop smoking, or to lose weight, or to get into better health, most people won’t follow through. When it comes to beginning a body building workout routine, there are a few things that one can do to keep a promise. The most effective way to keep a promise is to make sure that the goals are within reach. Looking like Arnold in four months is not a realistic goal. Begin by starting with small weights. Most men will want to bench press three hundred pounds to start. Instead, begin with fifty pounds. For the first month, the muscles are being trained to begin basic muscle memory, which is an important foundation. Also, pick three days a week that you can devote one hour to workout. Doing something cardio is as important if not more important than a body building workout routine. Try walking or riding a bike, or anything that will increase the heart rate to about eighty percent of its capacity. Spend about thirty minutes before beginning the body building workout routine. This will help the muscles get more oxygen.

Things To Avoid

Just as important as doing all of the right things, there are things that one should avoid. One thing to avoid is checking one’s weight daily. The human body will variate in weight daily. Instead, pick only one day a week to check out personal goals. The same is true for the body building workout routine; grade the results monthly in order to see real results. Avoid trying to increase the weights too early. There will be peaks and valleys and it can be depressing but this is a normal cycle that even the pros have to deal with. Avoid missing exercise days because it is easy to fall out of the routine. When a routine is compromised once, it is easy to continue this cycle. Do not let this happen. Why go thru the hardship of getting fit only to quit for a stupid reason. One other thing to avoid is bad eating habits. If one continues to eat unhealthy, the expected results won’t happen as fast. The human body needs good fuel to work and burn effectively. Overall, beginning a proper body building workout routine will add years to one’s life if done correctly. Remember, the human body is like an engine. It will run longer with good maintenance.