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Bodybuilding Workout Schedule: It’s Worth Taking The Time Out To Create A Concrete Plan

Bodybuilders need to take out time and sit down and create a concrete bodybuilding workout schedule which is an all important first step towards building a better body and achieving noticeable results. The bodybuilder may need to plan ahead and to do so, would require sitting down with a weekly calendar and filling their fists with pen or pencil. Then, they should determine how many days in the week are be used for exercising and decide upon specific types of exercises to be performed.

They need to differentiate between cardiovascular exercises that would help in losing weight and lifting of weights that would primarily build their muscles. They should then, commit themselves to the bodybuilding workout schedule and keep to the planned activities, and follow the schedule for at least a month, by which time the results will be noticeable and thus keep the bodybuilders motivated to carry on.

A Sample Five Day Bodybuilding Workout

A possible bodybuilding workout schedule for a five day bodybuilding workout would help aspiring bodybuilders to get best results, and would include daily different activities. They could, for example, choose Mondays to exercise their chests and build triceps with the help of dumbbell, barbell and cable crossovers. For triceps, they could do pushdowns, bent-over cable extensions using a rope, and dumbbell kickbacks.

The Tuesday bodybuilding workout schedule could involve exercising the back and biceps. For back building, they could use lat machine pulldowns to the front, close grip pulldowns to the front, seated cable rows, and hyper-extensions. For biceps, the bodybuilder may do incline dumbbell curls, and standing barbell curls.

On Wednesdays, there could be cardio as well as abs workouts that would involve doing cardio exercises of 30-45 minutes on a bike, treadmill or Stairmaster. For abs, the bodybuilder could perform crunches, and leg raises of three sets of different reps. The Thursday bodybuilding workout schedule should help bodybuilders to concentrate on the legs and includes doing squats, leg extensions, lunges, leg curls for hamstrings as well as standing calf raises.

The fifth day of bodybuilding workout schedule may be reserved for shoulders/biceps or triceps supersets. For shoulders, use of military barbell presses behind the back, standing side laterals, upright rows with barbells, and seated bent over dumbbell laterals would do wonders for the bodybuilders. To improve their biceps or triceps supersets, bodybuilders may make use of triceps pushdowns on cable machine superset with barbell curls, and seated dumbbell extension superset with dumbbell hammer curls.

Following a simple bodybuilding workout schedule such as this would help bodybuilders who must avoid the possibility of getting injured while performing workouts by always doing a light warm-up set of fifteen reps before each exercise. In fact, bodybuilders can never be too careful when changing routines and should exercise proper care when performing their workout routines.