Body Building


NPC Body Building Is an Organization Devoted to Amateurs

The National Physique Committee or NPC is devoted to amateur bodybuilders. This organization is the largest of its kind with members living around the country and around the world. NPC body building organizations are used as a path to the competitions in body building. The NPC body building organization conducts body building competitions at many levels of expertise. The NPC body building organization conducts competitions that use six basic moves for the bodybuilders in these competitions. These moves are mandatory for those taking part in the competitions. These moves are used so the judges can compare the contestants in similar circumstances for their final decisions on the competition winners.

The NPC body building trains contestants for competition in two or three different height categories depending on the expertise of the contestants. The NPC body building group runs competitions for both men and women. This group also runs junior competitions and wheelchair competitions for disabled athletes. The NPC runs the national championship competitions for amateur athletes. The NPC body building competitions can be a springboard to professional status. Many experts believe that this is the most important avenue to professional status as a bodybuilder.

The NPC Body Building Organization Has Members Across the Nation

The NPC body building organization has more than twenty thousand members. The group holds competitions at the local and national levels. Many of the leaders in professional body building got their start with this organization. Membership in the organization qualifies potential contestants for participation in these events. The membership also includes a subscription to the magazine published by the organization. This publication provides the members information about the calendar of events in body building and information on training as a bodybuilder.

The NPC body building organization is the most important organization for those interested in participating in competitive body building. This organization has been the driving force in amateur body building for many years. NPC organizes most of the activities for amateur bodybuilders. This organization sets the rules and standards for body building activities in the country. The NPC publishes the information on the results of competitions held at the local and national levels. The NPC has greatly contributed to the advancement of amateur body building in the United States. This group has played an effective role as shown by the continued growth of the number of members and events in amateur body building.