Body Building


Women’s Bodybuilding Is Steadily Gaining In Popularity

Of late, women’s bodybuilding has emerged from the shadows to become a mainstream sport, and more and more women are taking to the gym in order to gain size, strength, self-confidence as well as muscle. The role of supplements, nutrition as well as diet also plays an important role in women’s bodybuilding, and creatine is most useful in this regard. Men’s bodybuilding and women’s bodybuilding are largely different, and of course, biological differences are most pronounced.

Effects Of Steroids On Men And Women Are Different

The effect of steroids on women who use them for their bodybuilding efforts are much different than those that occur in men, and women are noticeably more annoyed because testosterone will deepen their voices as well as produce hair on the body. Nevertheless, women’s bodybuilding is not adversely affected if they use creatine, which even though it causes women to have upset stomachs, muscle cramps as well as diarrhea and dehydration, is still safe for use.

Women’s bodybuilding is also different to men’s bodybuilding in terms of training, nutrition as well as motivation. Many women are hesitant when it comes to them lifting weights as they normally do not want to have muscles, and would much rather be furiously pedaling away on stationary bikes to stay in shape. Women’s bodybuilding techniques and tips would be the furthest thing on their minds, and they would not be seen giving any attention to weight training equipment, leave alone venture into free weight areas.

Women may be under misconceptions as well as be put off by certain myths surrounding women’s bodybuilding, and may fear that women just do not have enough hormones to allow for increased muscle mass. The truth is that women have ten to thirty times less of essential hormones than men, and thus asks for a lot more effort and dedication off them. Nevertheless, women that accept such a myth without further scrutiny are missing out on all of the benefits accruing from bodybuilding.

Incorporating moderate bodybuilding training will increase the woman’s muscle tissue, and even though this may cause them to weigh more, muscles are instrumental in burning fat, and therefore the added weight is really muscle, and not fat, which helps to increase metabolism and thus burns away calories. This burning of calories will translate into losing weight that can be as much as ten to twelve pounds in one year.

Women’s bodybuilding training is also helpful to their bones and provides them with a weapon against osteoporosis, a disease that means porous bones as well as low bone mass, which would make them more susceptible to fracturing their wrists, hips as well as spines. Keeping all these things in mind, women’s bodybuilding is certainly able to help them become stronger as well as healthier.