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Is Your Cat Grouchy?

Cats are generally quirky and lazy. Their personalities range just like a human, and their moods fluctuate just like one as well. But does your cat’s attitude have something to do with his or her breed?

Stereotypically, people associate pit bulls with a bit more of a temper than, say, a golden retriever. Could this hold true for cats as well? Are calico cats nicer than tabby cats? Are Siamese cats as grouchy and snobby as they are portrayed in children’s fairy tales? What about a black cat, are they the angriest cat of all?

Apparently, it has nothing to do with breed or color at all, it’s just ingrained in their personalities to be the angriest cats around. According to sources, about 15% of cats become antisocial and would rather be admired from afar than to be petted or doted on. This has nothing to do with breed or color, it’s just a general preference.

Do You Think You Have The Angriest Cat?

If you are worried that you bought the angriest cat at the shelter due to constant hissing and a general aggravation that surrounds your little critter, give him some time! Don’t immediately regret your purchase. Let him get used to the family. Cats are very sensitive creatures, and often, you just need to allow them time to adjust at their own pace. He or she may hide out under the bed for a few days, or not even touch his or her cat food. This doesn’t necessarily make him a one of the grouchiest, or angriest cats, it could just mean he’s a little shy, or maybe has a rough memory of what a family is like. Remember, a lot of animals rescued from a pet shelter have been previously abused or ditched. Your cat could have been a stray or an alley cat, making your “getting to know you” process a little more difficult.

What Do You Do?

A good rule of thumb for starting out on the right foot with the angriest cat in the batch, is to start slow. Don’t force interaction, this will just cause him to become more distant. Let him get used to the new atmosphere, eventually he will come up and want to check you out. It might be a little frustrating at first, thinking you ended up with the angriest cat you’ve ever seen, but he could turn out to be a great pet once he gets used to his new home. There are also products on the market to ease his introduction like Feliway, which is a spray that is advertised to help relax a cats nerves. You may find that these types of products make your first few weeks of pet ownership a little more tolerable.