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How To Help Your Big Cat Lose Weight

Cats make some of the most gratifying pets because they are extremely intelligent and loving while being low maintenance as well. Cat owners often treat them as family members and end up pampering then to the point that you will be faced to dealing with over weight issues, which may affect your cat’s health.

Here are some ways to reduce your big cat’s weight without changing her life style drastically.

Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Cats don’t exercise and therefore walking or playing with them will not help a great deal to reduce their weight therefore the only way to help your big cat get healthy is to regulate his or her diet. Consult the vet before changing your cat’s diet in order to get some guide lines that will help your cat reduce weight without suffering or going through hunger phases.

Big cats will develop different types of diseases from excessive weight just like humans and changing their diet abruptly can affect their health significantly also if you put your cat on a diet she or he does not enjoy taste wise your cat may refuse to eat, which will create another set of health problems.

Diet for cats must be worked out gradually while you check your cat’s weight constantly and if any health problems occur take him or her to the doctor right away.

Other Reasons Why Your Cat Can Gain Weight

If you have neutered or spayed your cat, he or she will gain weight shortly after gaining as much as 10 pounds at times and thus, becoming a big cat. After performing such a procedure on your cat it is essential you follow strict diet to ensure you keep your cat healthy in order to enjoy her or his company for as long as possible.

Different types of health issues can also get your cat to gain weight significantly for example if she is expecting or just had kittens. If your cat is expecting or just had kittens you must yet again ensure to provide a proper balanced diet, which will keep her strong and at the same time not increase her body weight to the point where she will not be able to loose the pounds after birth.

Helpful Tip

Pampering your cat is enjoyable and most cat lovers feel that this is the best way to show your cat your love however, consider the fact that you might be reducing your pet’s life considerably by feeding her too much food and thus making her or him into a big cat.