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Selecting The Right Cat Furniture For Your Feline

While cat furniture may be designed for the specific needs of your cat, they still often prefer the human furniture. It can be a difficult process to find the right cat furniture that your pet will not only like, but will also use. Much of the cat furniture on the market today is designed to meet all feline needs including climbing, scratching, lounging and height-loving views.

The right furniture choice will provide your cat with lots of fun, challenge, joy and imagination. If you choose the right cat furniture there is also an added benefit for you, your cat will stop climb and scratching your own furniture. However, it can often be difficult making a decision on cat furniture since there are as many options for cats as there are for humans.

What You Should Consider

Since the cat furniture you purchase is going to be a playground for your cat you should make sure it has a variety of options for your cat. Cats often get bored with the same thing so it is best to have something that contains may play objects including toys that swing and dangle. The cat furniture should have lots of towers, platforms, ramps and stairs in addition to a few dark and small spaces where they can cuddle and get away from the hectic pace of the household.

However, cats aren’t the only ones to consider when making a purchase. Since the cat furniture is going to be taking up about as much room in your living room as your own furniture you should make sure it is something you can live with as well. Make sure it will fit in your living room and that you won’t be embarrassed when you have company come over for a visit.

If you are renting it is a good idea to choose a furniture piece that is easy to put together and take apart, so when you move you won’t have to carry out the big furniture as one. If you must get a furniture piece that can’t be taken apart then it should be lightweight yet sturdy enough that it won’t fall over when you cat jumps on it.

Features To Avoid

You should make sure your cat furniture won’t tip easily so that you cat can jump up onto it without trouble. You should also stay away from cat furniture that has objects that can be chewed off and swallowed. This can cause issues with intestinal blockage that can cause big vet bills. There should also be no slippery surfaces so your cat can move around comfortably.