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Does Your Cat Need A House?

As cat lovers, we tend to want to spoil our pets. A fancy scratching post? No problem. The best food on the market? It's only money. Ten dollars for a mouse made from old scraps of material? Here's the credit card.

But what about a special house for your cat? Is that worth the expense? If your cat were a dog, there would be no question. Dogs, like their ancestor the wolf, still want to sleep in dens. An anxious or overtired puppy is often happiest tucked away in its carrier or crate.

Cats, however, have the blood of lions flowing through their veins. Lions don't seek dens. They lie out on veldt sunning themselves and surveying their kingdoms. That's what your cat wants to do as well. He or she will, therefore, take a dim view on being shut away in a carrier or crate like a puppy.

Another reason not to purchase a cat house for your cat is that the odds of your feline actually sleeping in it are astronomically low. When do cats ever sleep where you want them to? You can spend fifty dollars on a faux sheepskin cat bed, and ten minutes later, you'll find the cat sleeping in your laundry basket or sprawled across your futon.

Let's face it. Your cat doesn't need a special house. He or she already has the run of your house.

But, if you are determined to spoil your cat by buying it the best cat house in town, here are a few options to consider.

Wicker Cat Bed - PetSmart

The Wicker Cat Bed is available through PetSmart and will cost you around forty dollars. It has the potential to be a winner, because there's a bed on top of the basket as well as a hole on the side for your cat to crawl into the basket. Your cat may also get a kick out of scratching at the wicker. With this many options, even the most finicky cat will give this living space a second glance.

Cat Hutch - Dura Craft

This hutch, which retails for around $35, is like a teepee for your cat. A hole in the side to crawl through and soft cushions inside will tempt any feline to give home dwelling a try. And if your cat finds other…er…uses for the hutch, both the cushions and the outer cover are machine washable.

Half Moon Multi Tier Tower - Green Duck

For $130, you can make your cat a condo dweller. This cat house is wonderful for scratching, climbing, and napping. It is not enclosed, so kitty can survey his or her domain. If your cat must have a house, this is definitely the way to go.