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Cat Make Up: The Perfect Halloween Costume

Cats are beautiful, graceful creatures, and as Halloween rolls around, it's only natural to want to pay homage to their mysterious beauty. And it's always been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Therefore, why not put on cat make up and a cat costume for your next costume party?

Cat Make Up Kits

There are several cat make up kits on the market. Some emphasize the sexuality of a hot blooded female cat, others focus more on the goofiness of the kitten, still others are slightly forbidding, reminding us that the cat is only partially domesticated whatever we may think. Many cat make up kits will transform you into a feline who looks like an extra for a production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats.

The kits vary greatly in price, but they all come with basic cat make up and instructions for applying it.

Cat costumes are also readily available both online and in costume stores. Again, you'll have a wide selection to choose from--everything from the comic-looking Cat in the Hat to outfits so skimpy a Las Vegas cocktail waitress would be shy about wearing them.

But I Want to Do My Own Cat Make Up!

You can't go too far wrong with a cat make up kit, but there's always the chance that you'll show up for your Halloween event looking just like someone else. If you want to be truly unique, do your own make up.

You'll need grease paint (color according to your preference), a white highlighter, eyeliner, mascara or false eyelashes, and lipstick and lip liner. If you're really into creating the perfect costume, consider purchasing a latex nose, some spirit gum, and a bristly black paint brush to provide whiskers.

There are several online sites that can coach you on the basics of applying cat make up. Study them to get ideas. Then, on a piece of drawing paper, make a rough sketch of your ideal cat face. Think about the image you want to project. Is your inner cat warm and cuddly, or aloof and mysterious? Are you a kitten or a crone?

When you're ready to start applying your cat make up, do so carefully. If you make a mistake with grease paint, it's hard to wash off. You might want to enlist a friend to help you get your make up just right.

When you're finally finished, it's off to the party. Just remember to conduct yourself with the appropriate amount of feline pride. After all, just a few thousand years ago, your ancestors were worshipped as gods.