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Where To Shop For Your New Cat

If you’re planning on getting a new cat for your family, why don’t you start at your local cat rescue? There are so many adorable pets there that are in dire need of a loving home. These types of facilities are ideal when shopping for a new cat, because you can get a great deal on your new pet!

Why A Cat Rescue?

A cat rescue offers adorable cats at a lower than average price. You can bring your child to the facility and let them “rescue” their very own pet! These animals may have come from an abusive household, or been a stray their whole lives, they would thrive in a loving environment! Most local cat rescue shelters offer a spayed or neutered cat, with full shots, de-worming, and flea treatments for less than a hundred dollars. You’ll end up spending at least that amount on the shots and neutering/spaying alone!

With so many people neglecting to get their animals spayed or neutered, the number of strays is increasing. There are not enough homes for these animals. And to add to that increasing number, there are families that decide that they can’t take care of their pet anymore, or they move to a place that doesn’t allow pets. Unfortunately, some of these poor little creatures will have to be put to sleep if they’re considered to old for adoption. In a small county alone, there are over 2000 animals euthanized each month because there are too many to care for. People don’t think about that when they’re dropping their five year old cat off at the cat rescue shelter. Luckily for you, sometimes the older pets come at a lower price because most families want a little kitten. It can be much more rewarding to adopt a full grown cat from a cat rescue shelter, leaving you with the knowledge that you may have saved a life in addition to getting a great new pet.

Most of these animals have has tragic lives so far, they have been dumped, or never really had a family at all, so, many cat rescues take special care in finding these cat’s a good home. They make sure you are ready for this pet, and they give you as much information as possible about your new friend’s personality so that you know what to expect. They are not trying to sell you on it, they are trying to make sure are you are a motivated buyer, and really know what you are getting into. These people love animals, and want to see these pets become part of a special family, maybe even yours.