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Selecting The Perfect Persian Cat For You

One of the most desirable cat breeds today is the Persian cat and it is no wonder since they have such a majestic and exotic appearance. The Persian cat is excellent for those who want a companion who is affectionate, laid back and very devoted. However, before selecting a Persian for your household you should be aware of the care that is involved in having a Persian cat.

Their History

The Persian cat was present at the very first cat show held in London in 1871 and was extremely popular in the United Kingdom by the early 1900s. However, the first reference to Persians was found in the history of the Romans when they were brought on the caravans arriving from Persia, which is now modern day Iran. These early cats arrived in Europe in the 1500s and are now known as the Angora and Persian cat breeds.

In the late 1800s, the Persian breed found its way to the United States where it quickly became one of the most popular cats. Throughout the years, the Persian was changed by breeding into the cat we currently see with the extreme face, long coat and short ears.

Their Appearance

The long soft fur of the Persian cat is perhaps the most notable feature. However, the Persian is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns so you are sure to find the perfect cat for your individual preferences. Despite their elegant appearance, the Persian is actually a very solid built cat that has better muscle tone than most cat breeds.

The Persian cat has two different types of faces, the extreme and traditional. The difference in these two types is that the extreme face has a very snub-nosed appearance. The face is typically almost completely flat with the nose almost as high up at the eyes. However, the Persian with a traditional face will not have a flat appearance. The extreme face type has gained most of the popularity due to its appearance at many award shows.

Their Personality

For those who prefer a cat breed that is laid back and doesn’t show much energy then the Persian cat would be an excellent companion to add to your household. Persians would much rather lounge around all day then chasing after toys. However, Persians are also an extremely affectionate breed and need human interaction and affection. If you give your Persian cat enough attention and love then they will become a devote companion to you for the rest of their life.

While Persians prefer attention, they are not to demanding of it as some breeds are. They are also very responsive to the moods of their owners. They are also a quiet breed, which makes them ideal for apartment living conditions so the neighbors won’t be disturbed by constant vocalization. A Persian cat is a good option for those who want to be comforted and soothed by their pet companion.

Caring For Your Persian

Persian cats require long periods of grooming care otherwise their soft long coat will turn into painful mats that will need to be shaved off by a veterinarian. Each day you should be prepared to spend about ten to fifteen minutes grooming your Persian and more during shedding months.

To remove oil buildup you will also have to bath your Persian often, every two weeks is a good recommendation. With Persians tear staining is often a problem so you will have to wash their faces daily.