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Understanding Pussy Cat

Puss in Boots, a popular fairytale character, may be strictly based on the author’s rich imagination and creativity but was definitely inspired by the same author’s adoration for cats. Puss or pussy cat has its origins from the Dutch word “poes” that refer to a female cat; its diminutive, “poesje”, a German term, is also used as an endearing term for any cat. Hence, the term pussy cat may now refer to any pet cat that has been endeared to its owners. Indeed, cats have been revered as some of the most endearing, adorable, lovable and loyal pets that has gained loyal following and immense popularity among people from all walks of life.

Pussy Cat Appearance

A pussy cat, no matter what breed or variety, commonly possesses rather loose skin that gives cats the ability to turn and confront a predator even when it has a grip on them. The loose skin also has medical and health benefits that make injections simpler and less complicated for veterinarians. Since cats are commonly inflicted with kidney failure, the fact that they have loose skin makes it easy to regularly inject large amounts of liquids subcutaneously as part of treatment and as an effective alternative to dialysis that can extend a pussy cat’s life.

A pussy cat has more ear muscles that afford cats’ directional hearing, which also allows them to move each ear independently of the other. Since most cats have straight ears that point upwards and also because of the previously mentioned fact, cats can move its body in one direction and point its ears in another direction, which also makes them more alert, a distinct characteristic that traces its roots to its wild and primitive origins.

Cats are also known to be “hungry” sleepers who conserve their energy by sleeping more than most animals, more significantly as the pussy cat grows older. It is not unusual to find a pussy cat asleep for as much as 15 hours in a 24-hour period, with some cats even sleeping as much as 20 hours per day. The term cat nap has been inspired by the cat’s ability to fall asleep lightly for a brief period. The pussy cat’s sleeping habits and its crepuscular nature makes them hyperactive and playful during the evening and early morning known as evening or night crazies or mad half hour. Also, oriental and thinner body types are more active, while the heavier set varieties are less active.

The temperament of a cat can vary depending on the breed and socialization. Cats with "oriental" body types tend to be thinner and more active, while cats that have a "cobby" body type tend to be heavier and less active.