All About Hair Care


The Luxury of Alterna Hair Care Product

Alterna hair care products are designed to give you fabulous hair. The products bring in the luxury of the finest of ingredients. The company’s first foray was to shock the senses with their beautiful bottles and designer looks back in 1997. They coined the term ‘Enzymetherapy’ and skincare for the hair. They were the first to begin to utilize THC hemp seed extract for their products. Now they specialize in exotic ingredients and essential oils from around the globe. Whether for skincare or hair care their products are extravagant and rich. Alterna hair care products introduced the Science of 10 Hair care line. The Science of 10 Shampoo is designed to deeply cleanse all hair types. It moisturizes and cleanses the scalp and roots restoring a healthy glow and moisture balance. The unique formula utilizes a core of 10 special ingredients that work together to give you a glorious head of hair. The Alterna hair care product line has continued to use the most lavish ingredients to take hair care to a new dimension.

Fabulous Hair Products

The moisturizing capabilities of the Alterna hair care products are great. Results can be seen after just one use of the product. The ten ingredients work together to deeply condition the scalp and hair. The Science of Ten Hair Masque deeply penetrates the hair and gives oils and emollients to all hair types. It allows damaged hair to restructure and begin to absorb the nutrients that will invigorate a luxurious head of hair. Alterna hair care product’s Science of 10 lines is for those who are extracting in what they demand in the quality of hair products that they use. These conditioners and shampoos deliver giving the hair a beautiful sheen and unmatched radiance.

‘Enzymethrapy the Science of Skincare’ is part of the ten ingredients used in this Alterna Hair care product line. The ten ingredients work together to restore beauty and vitality to the hair. Alterna hair care products have relied on this ingredient menu of ten items to create a fabulous line of products. One of the ingredients included in the list of ten are African cacao leaves which bring in their powerful antioxidant abilities hyaluronic acid which can attract and hold moisture is also included.

‘Caviar-Age Control Extract’ is in the mix as well. The rich proteins of caviar contain omega-C-3 fatty acids and vitamin C which help bring back the elasticity of youth. Also in the group of ten key ingredients are ‘Prozyme Complex with Color Hold’, grape seed oil, Bulgarian evening primrose oil, Moroccan quillia bark, Italian white truffle and arnica flowers. These fine ingredients create the Science of 10 Skincare which is utilized in the hair products. Alterna hair care product developers have scoured the globe to find the key ingredients to maintain youthful hair and skin.