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Ethnic Hair Care Guide

In any one culture you will find a variety of complexions, body shapes and hair types. No one ethnic group has exactly the same hair type for everyone of its people. Here we are going to speak of generalized ethnic hair care for black hair. As many African Americans are of mixed heritage there are all sorts of textures of hair even on the same person. Ethnic hair care for Black hair involves taking care of the demands of your hair in particular. For most Black hair the texture is more prone to dryness because oil has a harder time going from the scalp to the ends of the hair shaft. As it is more apt to be dry because of this therefore it is more easily to become damaged or broken. Over processing with hot irons, straightening combs, blow dyers and the like can damage the hair further. Relaxers, Curls and perms further dry out the hair causing it to be come damaged if care is not taken.

Caring For Black Hair

In general your ethnic hair care program begins with caring for your mind and body. It is important to eat a well balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. Your hair needs to be healthy from the inside out. Make sure your drink plenty of water, get adequate rest and exercise. Stress is a leading factor in hair breakage.

The next step in the healthy regimen for ethnic hair care is to see to your daily care. Black hair is sometimes dry and brittle so the proper comb is important. Try to utilize a product with wide teeth. Use brushes that don’t snag or catch your hair. Before going to bed gently massage your scalp with your fingertips to create circulation. If you utilize the wrap style or wave for shorter hair gently brush your hair in one direction. Other wise section the scalp. Your hair should be tied in a silken scalp for sleeping. This keeps the cotton of the sheets from drying out the precious natural oils that are in your hair.

Ethnic hair care is based on the type of hair you have. If it is oilier then you may wash it more often. If your hair is dryer then do not wash it more than once a week. Make sure to properly condition and moisturize hair. Heat tools can dry out and damage the hair so use care with them.

Find the proper ethnic hair care products that work for the grade of hair you have and get a good reputable stylist who understands and takes good care of your hair.