All About Hair Care


Tips on Hair Extension Care

Did you just cut your hair short and as soon as it hit the ground realized you want it long again or are you the short hair type but sometimes want to change your look and get long hair fast; well, you are in luck, as you can have long hair in an eye’s blink (or rather a session at the hair stylist) by attaching hair extensions that look natural, healthy and glamorous. However, while the hair extension will provide you with instant long and glamorous locks you will also need to learn how to adequately care for it so it always looks the same. Here are few tips and suggestions that will provide some easy yet efficient ways for hair extension care.

How to Determine the Hair Extension Care You Require

There are many types of hair extension and the hair extension care depends directly on that factor; for example, there are human or synthetic hair extensions which can be attached in strands that contain approximately 30 hairs or they can be attached in wefts depending on your present hair, as it needs to look as natural as possible. Your hair stylist will provide the right hair extension care for the type of hair extensions applied and it will include the following: how to sleep in order not to detach your hair extensions, brushing your hair extensions so your don’t move them or hurt your scalp in the process and how to wash your hair and even what types of shampoos and conditioners will be appropriate.

The hair extensions are attached to your scalp through various methods depending on the type of hair extensions and the amount attached; some popular ways to attached hair extensions are: clamps, fusion and bonding to name a few. The extensions usually don’t get loose or detached if you apply the proper hair extension care.

Where To Get Hair Extension Care Products

Even though hair extensions have been used for a while, hair extension care products can usually be found only in the professional salon and probably you will find it at the salon you will attach you hair extensions with the help of your hairstylist. Some online stores may care hair extension care products but you must be careful what and from which company you buy and ensure they are the right type of products by checking first with your hairstylist. You are sure to find the right product.