All About Hair Care


Guide to Natural Hair Care

We all admire long tresses that look luxurious and healthy and wonder how you can get the same without the expensive bills of professional salons. While long or short luxurious hair will not be obtained over night there are a few basic natural hair care routines that you can practice at home and which will help you obtain healthy looking shinning hair fast. Like your skin your hair too has a type and in order to provide it with basic natural hair care you need to know what your type is; there are five main hair types, which are quite similar to the types of skin: oily, dry, fragile or delicate, normal or silky hair which is the easiest to manage.

What Is Your Hair Type

Once you know your hair type you will be able to purchase the basic natural hair care products such as the shampoo, which will be targeted for your hair needs, for example, if your hair if limp and lifeless you should look for shampoos that boost your hair’s volume and hydrate at the same time. There are shampoo available for type of hair type and need for example, dry and damaged hair, oily scalp, dandruff, frizzy hair and curls to name a few.

The conditioner is an extremely important part of your natural hair care process and you should never neglect using it especially men who tend to wash their hair on a daily basis; they just like women face the same damage factors, which result is hair loss and/or balding. Masques and intensive care therapies should be considered at least twice a month even if your hair is healthy as they will hydrate and restore your hair’s natural glow and shine.

Damaging Factors

Your hair is faced with damaging factors on a daily basis such as the sun and extreme temperatures, dust, pollution and dry air, which dehydrates it quickly and leaves you with a dry looking tangled hair by the end of the day. In order to prevent these damages or prepare for them the natural hair care remedy is to provide your hair with sun protection and the hydration it needs everyday; these items can be found in the form of sprays and applied daily or as needed.

Other damaging factors are when you subject your tresses to the blow dryer, curling and/or straightening iron; these extreme temperatures dry and dehydrate your hair fact which you will not be able to see right away but in due course your hair ends will split and it will tangle with ease. Always use a protective spray before or after using an iron or blow dryer to ensure that your hair is provided with the essential hydration.