All About Hair Care


The Beauty of Optimum Hair Care Products

Optimum hair care products are created by SoftSheen Carson. SoftSheen-Carson is the leading creator of ethnic hair care products. They specialized in products for Black hair care. Some of the lines SoftSheen-Carson has are Dark and Lovely, Care Free Curl and Wave Nouveau. Black hair needs specialized products to keep it health and growing. There are many textures and grades of ethnic hair but most Black hair has a thick cuticle. This keeps the natural scalp oils from reaching the ends of the hair shaft which can result in dry, breaking and damaged hair. Black hair that is healthy is vital and luxuriant. Optimum hair care products are created to restore the natural moisture to the hair and scalp. They are designed to create styles that keep hair looking vibrant.

Which Relaxer to Choose

One of the most well known Optimum hair care products is a relaxer. A relaxer is a chemical perm that weakens or “relaxes the natural curl or kink in some Black hair types.” Optimum Care Ant-Breakage Therapy Relaxer contains natural oils to help the hair doing the chemical process. It has Ceramide R. which can penetrate the hair shaft during the process and help stop the hair breakage before it occurs. Another Optimum hair care product in this line is the Optimum Care Bodifying Relaxer. It is made for women with fine hair and helps build up the hair and make it thicker with lots of shine and body. The hair will look vibrant and full of life. It comes in mild or super formulas.

Healthy Options for the Hair

Optimum hair care products also have other items to help restore the oil and moisture balance to the hair and create great styles. There is a line of products called Optimum Hair Care which also contain the Oleo Ceramid technology. This chemical is a capable of going inside the hair shaft and rebuilding weak spots. It also will help shield the hair from thermal processes which could be drying and dulling to the hair. This line includes The Stay Strong Conditioner which helps rebuild and restructure the hair. Optimums hair care products like Moisture Replenish Crème Hairdress help repel dryness and deeply moisturize the hair. There is also a shampoo and conditioner that work together to restore moisture to repair the hair. Optimum hair care products have been designed specifically to balance the needs of ethnic hair. Their dedication this is why the products are sold around the country.