All About Hair Care


Choosing Redken Hair Care Products

Redken hair care products are designed to give you a beautiful head of hair without all the harsh chemicals. Redken Laboratories was formed in 1960 by Paula Kent. She was and actress who had many chemical processes done to her hair. The products were particularly irritating to her. No one had the answer and she began the discovery process figuring she could find products that were gentle. Paula worked with her hairdresser Jheri Redding and they created three products under the name of Redken. Their products were based on the protein structure of the hair and using the natural pH or hair and skin which is around 4.5-5.5. They also felt it was important that hair products be recommended by licensed cosmetologist in salons. The product line of Redken hair care products was developed. The company became a leader in innovative products and technology for the hair during the 70’s and 80’s. In 1993 they were bought by L’Oreal. Today Redken hair care products can be purchased around the world in salons.

Variety of Products

One of the Redken hair care product lines is All Soft. All Soft shampoo gives hair a silky clean look. It is great for dry brittle and damaged hair bringing in much needed moisture to the scalp and hair shaft. The All Soft conditioner will detangle and smooth the hair as well as control fizz.

All Soft Heavy Cream is an even deeper moisturizer that goes beyond regular conditioning. This Redken hair care product line includes the All Soft Silk Fuel which has the amazing ability to instantly transform dry hair to the ultimate in softness which lasts.

Blonde Glam is another Redken hair care product that is specifically for blonde hair. It is made to work with natural or color-treated hair with multi-tones. Using their Interbond Conditioning System Blonde Glam brightens the shine in light hair. There is a shampoo, and conditioner in this line that work together to enhance blonde hair. Blonde Glam Pure Pearl color activating treatment and Blonde Glam Fresh Gold color activating treatments work with the different tones of blond hair. Blonde Glam Crystal Flash shine treatment helps streaked hair by helping to block fizz and add highlights.

Other Redken hair care product lines include Body Full shampoo and conditioner as well as Weight Lifter. These products add volume to the hair. The Clear Moisture line detangles and moisturizes without leaving the hair heavy. Their Extreme products are for hair that has been chemically or mechanically damaged. They work over time to restore the hair’s health. They are many more Redkin hair care products as well.