All About Hair Care


The Rusk Hair Care Line

Rusk Inc. is a division of Conair Corporation which supplies a line of hair care products to salons. Their product line includes various products for protecting, shining and straightening the hair as well as an aromatherapy line. Rusk hair care line offers great hair care. The company seeks to educate and communicate with its products and services the most specialized hair care. The individual is reflected in what ever their need or style for hair. The company was founded by Irvine Rusk who excelled as a hair dresser, salon owner and hair product designer. His commitment to hair was unparallel and the Rusk hair care line displays his knowledge of the various types of hair and what each texture need. One of the leading product lines of products is Rusk Deep Shine. This item is designed to fortify the hair against the daily battering. The Deep Shine line uses “sea therapy.” It has been known since ancient times that the minerals from the ocean have health being. Cleopatra utilized natural muds and salts for her renowned beauty. Rusk hair care in the Deep Shine blends bio-marine extracts with lipids and UVA/UVB proteins. These ingredients bring out the health vitality of your hair.

Different Products Available

Included in this line is the Deep Shine Sea Kelp shampoo that gently cleanses the scalp. There is also the Deep Shine Marine Nutrient Treatment which is a bio-marine formula that rebuilds and conditions hair of all types and texture. This treatment helps restore the hair to its natural beauty. Deep Shine Sea Kelp Condition is another Rusk hair care product in this group. It can be rinsed our or left in to help the hair and give body. It works on all types of hair. Rusk Being is a line of Rusk hair care products that is designed to allow the hair texture to be altered to different textures while insuring the health of the air. Coral Therapy by Rusk utilizes marine proteins to strengthen and protect the hair. Other Rusk Hair care lines include Scream, Design Series, Internal Restructure, Sensories, ThickR and Thermal STR8 Liquids.

Rusk hair care also has products such as CurlSilk which is an ammonia free permanent wave, curl or body perm. I.D. Elmin8 is a color corrector that removes oxidative hair color regardless of how long it has been in the hair. It does this with out harming the hair’s normal pigment. Regardless of your style or hair type Rusk hair care products has something that can keep you looking beautiful.