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Sebastian Hair Care Products

Sebastian hair care products, styles and make up are often featured on actresses and models in movies. The images of beautiful women with dramatic hair styles are signature of their brand. Sebastian hair care products are for cutting edge style, performance and beauty. Sebastian Hair care and beauty products are sold at leading salons and beauty supply stores around the world. They are renowned for excellence in the products. The Sebastian model image is seen as chic, glamorous and gorgeous. The products they create seek to enhance the sheen and fullness the hair. The company’s goal is to create the entire package. Sebastian not only creates hair products and make up but sensational hairstyles as well. One of their marketing innovations is a DVD to give to the customers leaving the salons. Sebastian International is definitely a trendsetter in hair innovation and beauty.

Types of Products

There are wide selections of products in the Sebastian hair care line. Sebastian Originals are often mimicked. They set the trend in the high caliber of products created by the company. Their Shaper hair care products have grown to have a viable market share. This line includes a Volume Boost Shampoo and Conditioner and Color Survivor Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. Also included in the Shaper line are the Sleek Hold Gel and Full on Body Mousse. The Root Raise Lifting Spray elevates the hair from the bottom up. The Blow Our Thermal Body Boost is heat activated to give fantastic body to the hair.

Sebastian hair care offers the Double Thick-In Shampoos which are light, filled with vitamins and leave the hair full and thick. You can use it with the Sebastian Body Double Thick-In Condition which is a good detangler. Also included in this line is the Body Double Extreme Treatment used to help smooth hair and control static electricity. The Body Double Thickefy Styler makes fine or thin hair instantly look and feel thicker. It will strengthen fine hair as well. There are two Body Double finishing hairsprays as well.

There are several Sebastian hair care lines. Sebastian Laminates Shampoo is luxury foam that gently cleanses damaged hair. It brings out the shine to hair that has been color treated and over processed. In the Sebastian Laminates group is a conditioner, a concentrate gel to give shine, an anti fitz crème, curl or body styling aide, super hold gel and a reconstructive masque treatment for damaged hair. Shaper Iron Works Hot Tools Protecting Spray keeps the hair from being damaged while using heated styling tools. Sebastian hair care supplies and training products can help you get the look others will want to copy. Their products are available at salons around the country.