All About Hair Loss


Understanding and Preventing Hair Loss in Dogs

Hair loss in dogs could really a problem; in many cases, hair loss in dogs start at the tail and then work its way into the body creating some ugly bald patches. The bald patches on the dogs body would usually turn black and the skin on it will become rough and hard to hold. In some cases, hair loss in dogs could affect their entire body making them appear sick and ugly.

What Causes Hair Loss in Dogs?

There are many reasons for hair loss in dogs. One of the most common reasons for hair loss in dogs is the incessant scathing that they usually do in response to some itching. Usually, dogs that have lice, fleas and ticks running under their hair and biting onto their skin would resort to strenuous scratching. The more the dog scratches the spots that have been bitten by the ticks, lice of fleas, and the more hair would come off. Moreover, bites from lice, ticks and fleas, would eventually swell and the hair their in would start falling off as a result. Eventually, there will be some bald spots in the coat of the dog resulting from the scratching.

Another reason for hair loss in dogs is hormonal abnormalities. There are some breeds of dogs, which are prone to hormonal abnormalities like the dachshunds. If your have a dachshund as pet, make sure that you bring your dog to the veterinarian when you notice some bald spots in your dog so that it can be treated accordingly.

Some hair loss in dogs is caused by allergies. You may not know it but dogs are just like human beings who also get allergies every now and then. Food allergies are one of the most common reasons for hair loss in dogs. If your dog have been eaten a new type of dog food and it starts scratching itself, it would be a good idea to stop feeding it with that type of dog food. There is a bog possibility that your dog could be allergic to some of the ingredients of that dog food.

Preventing Loss of Hair

There are many ways of preventing hair loss in dogs. Some of the most practical ways to ensure that your dog will not shed its hair unnecessarily, you should make sure that your dog do not have any lice, ticks or flea infestation. When your dog starts scratching strenuously, try to investigate what is making it act that way.