All About Hair Loss


Easy Natural Hair Loss Remedies

For those who are suffering from hair loss or thinning of the hair and require a quick and efficient hair loss remedy, there are plenty of treatments available and thousands of people have used these hair loss remedy solutions. Losing 20 to 100 strands of hair each day without even noticing them fall is quite common and with proper hair care one could achieve hair that is fabulous, shining, and beautiful as well as free of dandruff. There are many home made hair loss remedies available that treat the hair as well as attack and eliminate dandruff using herbs and other natural ingredients.

The development of a person’s hair is governed by the hormones and male hormones called testosterone are what control beards, body hair as well as hair in the armpits. A hair loss remedy found to be useful in restoring hair growth is one that treats the hair with estrogen, which has been found to be successful in stopping hair loss. There are also a number of home hair loss remedies that can be effective in preventing hair loss.

Coconut, Eggs and More

Massaging the scalp for about ten to fifteen minutes after bathing in water will help as it stimulates the circulation of the blood as well as strengthens the hair follicles in the scalp. Using coconut milk or Aloe Vera gels to massage the scalp and letting it remain for about half an hour would also help, if performed thrice a week. Using hair honey along with the yolk of an egg to massage into the scalp should have beneficial effects as would massage with almond oil on the scalp.

There has been plenty of research done into studying the causes as well as means of prevention of hair loss and every aspect of hair health as well as hair loss has been delved into. It is only natural with all the millions that have been spent in finding a hair loss remedy that many medical breakthroughs in this area have been reported, some that are useful and others that are a complete waste of money.

The pathology of hair loss is related to a number of different conditions that may very often not have much to do with hair growth or hair loss. This may point to the fact that almost every system in the body could affect the health of one’s hair. A hair loss remedy should be able to address the fundamental as well as physiological factors that affect and cause hair loss.