All About Hair Loss


Hair Loss Solutions: From Shaving to Therapy

There are many hair loss solutions available that are an alternative to hair replacement, transplants, sprays, drugs, wearing wigs, blaming others and believing it to be a temporary condition. One may no longer need to go to a gymnasium or try some weird hair loss treatment or spend a lot on hair loss solutions. Other than shaving one’s head clean there are different hair loss solutions that include non-surgical Bio-Matrix, microscopic follicular unit hair transplants, and extreme hair therapies.

The New Bio-Matrix Process

With this hair loss solution one can make the hair look new and it creates a matrix of crisscrossing and transparent fibers that can be fitted where a person is going bald or where the hair is being lost and is almost undetectable. This method allows real human hair to be added to the person’s natural hair in such a way that one may never be able to create hair partings and this hair loss solution allows the person’s hair to blend together with natural hairs and it would feel as normal as natural hair. New hair is created taking each strand individually in the same manner as natural hair.

Another hair loss solution is to have hair transplanted which involves movement of hair follicles from a donor’s site to where it is needed on the patient’s head and the hair follicles so transplanted are not susceptible to hair loss from DHT. In addition, one may also use hair therapy that will help improve the condition of the hair as well as scalp and helps to fight hair loss. Hair therapy would provide the patient with rejuvenated and cleansed hair with the help of a deep cleansing enzyme scalp treatment.

According to experts, hair loss is normal and one may typically lose 50 to 150 strands of hair each day and only in extreme cases is hair loss a problem such as in bald persons or when normal hairs are replaced by thin and short hairs. Hair loss solutions are quite challenging because most of the accepted treatments are less effective and also have some side effects.

Most hair loss solutions work by reducing the production of hormones known as Dihydro-Testrosterone that are the root cause of losing hair. Thus, natural hair loss solutions may be preferable especially for those who are worried about possible side effects. One such hair loss solution is the dermatologist-developed product known as Revivogen, which is thought to be very effective especially for those in the early stages of hair loss.