All About Hair Loss


Only Two Real Hair Loss Treatments Available

How often have you seen advertisements on late night television giving you the impression that there are plenty of drugs available for hair loss treatment? The truth of the matter is that there are, in fact, only two approved hair loss treatments. According to latest research, it has been found that Minoxidil will increase the weight of an average hair, if treated, by about 30 per cent which would result in having better hair that is also heavier.


Many noted hair loss specialists have found hair loss treatment to systematically screen hair loss treatment agents and prevent hair from falling. There are several prescription as well as non-prescription programs for hair loss treatment and one such formulation is Proxiphen and another is NANO hair regrowth conditioner. These two shampoos and conditioners are ideal for hair loss treatment and carry limited warranties and do not cost a lot. Also, they do not require prescriptions and are most useful and act as supplements to treatment with Minioxidil.

Propecia, Rogaine, Avodart and Nizoral


There are a number of hair loss treatment products such as Propecia, Rogaine, Avodart and Nizoral. Rogaine is a topical lotion that can help to make the hair grow and is available in strong as well as regular versions and may be used by both men and women and this form of hair loss treatment has the approval of the US Food & Drug Administration. There are also natural hair loss treatment products that only use natural ingredients such as vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids etc.

Propecia is a new FDA approved drug used in hair loss treatment and comes in a one milligram pill that can be obtained by prescription for men only and costs between $45 and $50 per month. It has been found to grow hair in men in about 50 per cent cases after a year’s use and in about 66 per cent of men that have used it for two years or more. In around 85 per cent of cases it has a positive effect in stopping hair loss though there are some side effects such as reduced sexual desire. However, this may occur in less than 2 percent of men though there are many who do not suffer any side effects at all. It results in moderate to dense regrowth of hair in almost half the users within a year of use.