All About Hair Loss


Hair Loss Treatment For Man – What Really Works?

When you are a man and realize that your hair is falling, it breaks your heart. Hair loss is very traumatic for men as women do not usually get attracted to bald men; hence, men hate to be bald. It is as simple as that. Fortunately, there are several valid, though expensive hair loss treatments for men. But before you go for an exorbitantly priced hair loss treatment for men, you will need to know the reasons behind your hair loss.

The Best Treatment Is within Everyone’s Reach

Most people prefer natural organic way to fight against this malady – and fortunately there is sufficient ammunition lined up in this category. There are many popular hair loss treatments for men though not all are really as efficient as their popularity would have you believe. Most of the hair loss treatments for men do stop hair loss. However, a real effective treatment would be the one which stops hair loss and reverses it by promoting regeneration of hair.

The most effective hair loss treatment for man is replacement of hair surgically. This is the same way as the skin transplant, i.e. it involves removing a tiny patch of skin (from the scalp) where you have hair and transplanting where there is no hair. This is a very difficult, not to mention expensive procedure. Hence, only those who have acute problems with hair loss and a lot of money may adopt this method.

There are some other treatments like the FDA approved monoxidil which does indeed stop the hair loss completely and helps in regeneration of some hair. However, the regeneration of hair is minimal and slow.

Finasteride is another well-intentioned and effective ‘hair loss pill’ though you might get this element in an oil form nowadays as well. This pill is quite popular with men – though the results are not exactly something to rave about. It does stop hair loss; as a matter of fact most of these remedies do stop hair loss – which the major part of the problem; however, none, if any, help in the regeneration of the hair.

Going the herbal way is a safe route as there are many fruits and vegetables that promote regeneration of hair. And these vegetables taken in combination of many of the above medications make for a wonderful and efficient treatment – green peas, spinach, lettuce and cauliflower and so on.