All About Hair Loss


What You should Know about Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Hair loss is something that affects both women and men. Although hair loss in women may not be as prominent as that of hair loss in men, the fact is that hair thinning is really distressing for most women. If you are one of those women who have problems with hair loss, you should look into the possibility of getting a hair loss treatment for women.

Types of Hair Loss Treatment for Women

There are number of hair loss treatment for women being offered in the market nowadays. However, you should take note that not all forms may be suitable for you. To know what hair loss treatment may be suitable to you and your present circumstances, it is a good idea that you should first consult your doctor regarding a specific hair loss treatment for women.

Rogaine as Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Rogaine is an over the counter hair loss treatment for women. Rogaine can be applied topically on the balding areas of the head. However, this substance may not be good for pregnant women or those who are nursing their babies as studies show that this substance may be harming for the baby and for the mother. Women with heart problems are also advised not to use this substance because according to studies, Rogaine may have some negative effects on women with heart problems. If you are not sure if Rogaine is right for you, then you must consult your doctor before you attempt to use this product on your scalp.

Is Hair Weaving a Good Hair Loss Treatment for Women?

Contrary to popular belief that weaving the hair could prevent hair loss, hair weaving may not be beneficial for you. According to some studies, weaving the hair could cause traction alopecia or the loss of hair through prolonged tension on growing hair. Hair weaving is said to be especially harmful for women who have thin or fine strands of hair.

Hair Transplants

For women who have tried other hair loss treatment without any positive results, hair transplant could be the solution to their hair loss problem. Hair transplants as hair loss treatment for women is more expensive than other treatment but it could have lasting results. If you are really very concerned about the condition of your hair, you may like to talk to your doctor about this type of hair loss treatment for women.