All About Hair Loss


How to get Results from Herbal Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is a major problem amongst all ages today; while some suffer from it due to unavoidable reasons such as hereditary genes, others face the problem due to stress (the most common factor), poor diet and/or other existing medical conditions.

Learn about Your Body

It is very important you learn about your own body because even though many things generally apply to everyone, in medicine there are factors which are unique to your body such as genes and/or an existing medical condition, which may influence every reaction in your system. Determine the cause of your hair loss in order to successfully combat it; there are many reasons for hair loss and today one of the most common reasons is stress and poor diet due to the hectic routines we all lead which inevitably leads to hair loss in the long run.

If you have suffered any major grievance, illness, change in routine or diet you are likely to experience hair loss approximately three months after the event as it takes that amount of time to impact your hair follicles. However, once you know the reason behind the hair loss you can start looking for ways to resolve it.

Hair Loss Treatments

There are many hair loss treatments today however, choosing the best for you may be tricky as many will have different types of side effects as well. However, herbal hair loss treatments usually have no side effects and have proved to be the best treatments in the long run. Herbal hair loss treatments can be administered externally and/or through drugs; so choose the method that is best suited to you. The most popular herbal hair loss treatments are done with aloe vera, onion or allium cepa, red pepper or capsicum, safflower oil, olive oil treatments and coconut oil.

Herbal hair loss treatment usually works through stimulating and thus activating the production of nitric oxide, which also contains super oxide dismutane and when those two components come together the growth of new hair is generated in the process.

However, the type of herbal hair loss treatment that will work differs from person to person and the most important factor is not to stop the treatment mid-way because you start seeing results or because you don’t see any; usually a herbal hair loss treatment may take several months to show results in which time you will be required to follow the treatment religiously.