All About Hair Loss


Is Surgery the Only Male Hair Loss Treatment?

Male hair loss is the most famous form of hair loss, and in fact it is actually one of the most prominent problems faced by urban males these days, regardless of age. Most of them lose their hair even before they turn 30, due to work stress, the food they eat, exposure to various working environments, and so on.

But this problem of course does not come without a solution. Even if naturally there is no re-growing of lost hair, or keeping up with the rate of loss, it can be done medically these days pretty easily. There are actually many ways of both preventing male hair loss and treating the problem. Male hair loss treatment can be an expensive procedure offered at skincare and hair specialists or a cheaper alternative product tried at home.

Treatment Options

There are basically two different types of remedies available for male hair loss treatment; one is permanent, while the other one is not. Permanent male hair loss treatment would include hair replacement surgeries such as hair transplantation, scalp reduction, and other non surgical treatments such as laser hair loss treatment and radiation.

On the other hand, you may also opt for the non-permanent option, which is far cheaper than the permanent ones. The only thing is that the results do not last long, and they in fact take some time to show up as well. You basically can not stop using the products, or else your hair will start dropping again. Basically what such products do is to reduce or slow down the hair loss process, which can be caused by any of the reasons discussed above.

Before you decide which option you should go for, it is advisable for you to go and find a hair specialist and discuss this matter. The hair specialist would assist you in finding the best male hair loss treatment available for you according to the seriousness of the problem, and whether you can afford the procedures and so on.

Sometimes certain medicines are the main cause behind hair loss. In that case, you definitely would need to see your doctor and explain the situation, so that he would change the medication, and refer you to a good male hair loss treatment specialist to further assist you on re-growing the hair and providing tips to help preserve the remaining ones.